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Viator Explorer 54DS

€1.710.000 plus options


The Viator Explorer 54 DS is a project conceived and designed in Germany and built in Holland. Tried and tested build methods are successfully combined with the latest technologies and are executed with outstanding build quality and craftsmanship.

An uncompromising approach to her design is evident throughout. She is designed to explore the world’s oceans securely and in comfort. The design puts the owner at the centre of attention and creates a platform to satisfy the demands of the most demanding and discerning of yachtsmen.

The Viator Explorer 54 DS can withstand pack ice but is capable of 250 nm a day of sparkling sailing. Her outstanding sailing ability sets her apart from ordinary explorer designs and is one of many factors that deliver pleasure as well as safety. The aluminium construction and hydraulically powered lifting lead keel are fundamental and deliver key attributes. The design envisages an owner who will demand the benefits of a carbon mast and an interior designed for their comfort and enjoyment and finished to the highest of standards.

Safety is paramount, there are water-tight bulkheads fore and aft and all her skin fittings are above water level, systems and ergonomics are designed to the most exacting standards and the very best equipment has been specified. Dual electric motors, high-capacity solar and closed-circuit cooling for the generator and heating systems all deliver tangible benefits and create value.

The Viator Explorer 54 DS liberates the owner from geographical restrictions and is for those who embrace new technologies such as electric propulsion and who want to ensure their adventures treat the environment with the respect it deserves.

The innovations inherent in Viator Marine designs is evidenced by her smaller sistership being nominated in competitions including "European Yacht of the Year 2021", category Bluewater Cruisers; Finalist "Gustave Trouvé Award", category electric sailboats; Finalist "Dutch Yacht of the Year 2021".

The specification describes the performance version of the Viator Explorer 54 DS which can be delivered in 2025 for a price of €2.340.000 ex tax including high-quality laminate sails. The construction allows some flexibility and customisation with a base price starting at €1.710.000 ex tax, excluding sails.

Notable Features

  • Conceived and designed in Germany, built in the Netherlands

  • Aluminium hull capable of resisting pack ice

  • Lifting keel with lead bulb gives draft from 1,54 to 3,20 metres

  • Outstanding sailing performance, realistic potential for 250 nm days with carbon mast version

  • Dual electric motors – redundancy and efficiency

  • Generous solar, generator with sealed cooling circuit and water maker for autonomy

  • Owner-focused layout with superb cabin and bathroom, extremely comfortable saloon

  • Outstanding quality equipment from Andersen, JEFA, Victron etc








2026 delivery



17.77 metres

5.12 metres

1.54 // 3.20 metres

Hull, Deck and Superstructure

-  All plating of the hull, deck and superstructure are built from aluminium alloy (AlMg4,5Mn)

-  Hull plating at keel and bow is 12mm

-  Hull plating below waterline is 6mm (waterline reinforced against ice pressure)

-  Hull plating above waterline is 5mm

-  Deck and coachroof plating is 4mm

Keel and Ballast

-  Fully retractable hydraulic lifting keel with a 3,5t lead bulb

-  The draft is variable between 1.54m and 3.20m


-  Thermal and acoustic insulation above the waterline by PU foam with a thickness between 50 to 100mm

-  All floorboards are insulated with 32mm Armaflex

-  Bilge and all internal aluminium surfaces are varnished with thermo-paint to reduce condensation


-  The hull (down to the waterline) is fine sanded to provide a perfect look

-  No varnish or coating is used as it often causes corrosion problems with aluminium

-  Bare aluminium is a great choice and will protect itself with a thin layer of oxide

-  If a different colour of design is wanted – wrapping is recommended

-  The below the waterline is protected by epoxy primer and hard antifouling

-  Side decks, cockpit floor and transom can be covered with artificial teak (highly durable polyurethane), or an anti slip vinyl or paint – subject to customer preferences

Cathodic protection

-  Sacrificial anodes are placed on the hull, lifting keel and propellers

We are acting as agents for the manufacturer of the Vessel. The manufacturer has provided details of the Vessel and these details are based on that information. The accuracy of these details cannot be guaranteed, nor do they constitute part of any contract. We would envisage and recommend close contact with the manufacturer to generate a specification which is appropriate for the planned usage as well as regular visits during the build process.

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